Firing an employee for demanding a promised bonus may worsen your cash-flow problem.

Clark v. BayDocs, Inc., No. 3:12CV896 (E.D. Va. March 29, 2013) (Lauck, J.) Plaintiff Alan Clark signed an employment agreement with BayDocs, Inc. in September of 2008. That agreement stated, in pertinent part, that Mr. Clark’s employment was “at will,” that Mr. Clark’s salary would be $225,000 per year plus bonuses, and that Mr. Clark…


If you have epilepsy, your employer may be required to provide accommodations… IF you’re otherwise qualified for the job.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), as amended by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (“ADAAA”), may provide protections for people with epilepsy. One of the protections mandated by the ADA is that covered employers must provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities, so long as that the accommodations are not an undue…