It’s Complicated.

It doesn’t matter which side of the desk you sit on: the workplace is complicated. If you’re an employer, hiring, managing, paying, and firing employees present lots of ways to make costly mistakes. If you’re an employee, knowing your rights and keeping your job can, in a bad situation, be a job in itself.

Shelley Cupp Schulte, P.C. is a Virginia law firm with a practice focused on employment law. Our lawyers provide counsel to employees on their legal rights and go to bat for them to protect those rights. We also advise employers on how to draft good employment contracts and how to avoid having to defend claims of discrimination and wrongful termination. Either way, we work diligently for our clients, and provide them with the best ethical and compassionate representation.

Employment law is complex and the rules change constantly. New statutes and new regulations come out frequently on both the state and local level.  Each of these laws has limitations on who is covered, and when, and those limitations are often subject to close scrutiny by the courts. Every year, the U.S. Courts of Appeals issue more than 2,000 new decisions in employment discrimination cases alone. We stay on top of these changes.

We give our clients our full attention, because each employment problem presents a unique set of facts and each employment solution is going to be different. This means that we spend a lot of time with our clients, talking things over, trying out ideas, and coming up with answers. We are responsive, creative, and effective. We have to be.

Because it’s complicated.


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Hiring the Firm

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Fees & Waivers

In appropriate cases, we may agree to represent a client on a contingent fee basis. For clients who are paying us by the hour, we may require a fee deposit that will be based upon the complexity of the case.

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