A large percentage of the calls that we receive are from employees who were just fired from their job. Some have devoted their lives to their companies, only to have the rug pulled out from under them. Others include single moms with no other source of income, or individuals who desperately need health insurance for a family member with a medical condition. Sometimes, it’s not a termination, but a demotion, or a failure to promote, or to hire, or an unwarranted write-up that means something bad is about to happen.

Under certain circumstances, these bad developments involve some form of discrimination, sexual harassment, a denial of family or medical leave, or some kind of retaliation because the employee is a whistleblower or has complained about mistreatment. Not every wrong has a remedy, though, and sometimes these bad developments are just unfair, with no legal recourse. In these situations, we hope to provide some peace of mind to these individuals by answering their questions and considering all of their legal options.

If you would like to schedule a consultation regarding a termination or any other employment matter, please call us during normal business hours or complete our contact form.

Before we can discuss your case, we must get some of your basic identifying information, primarily so that we can get back in touch with you if, for some reason, we lose contact. We will also ask you for the name of the adverse party, so that we can check and make sure that we have no conflicts of interest. We will not contact the adverse party in any way.

If we have no conflict, one of our paralegals will contact you for details of your situation. For ethical reasons, our paralegals cannot provide legal advice but will set up a consultation meeting, which we can do in person at one of our offices or over the phone.

The consultation will last up to one hour and the cost is $250. If we are asked to review employment contracts, or other extensive documents, there may be an additional charge based on our hourly rates. Often during a consultation we can advise or recommend a course of action that will resolve your issue entirely or recommend why additional engagement is appropriate. In our discretion, we may defer, waive, or reduce our consultation fee in appropriate cases of financial hardship.