Fees & Waivers


Contingent and Hourly Fees

In appropriate cases, we may agree to represent a client on a contingent fee basis. In a contingent fee case, we will provide our services in exchange for the greater of:

  • forty percent (40%) of the gross amount recovered in settlement or at trial, or
  • the amount awarded by a court or arbitrator as fees.

In contingent fee cases, we only earn our fee if we win.

Our hourly fees are based upon a number of factors, including the time and labor involved, the complexity or novelty of the matter, the experience of the billing attorney, the amount in controversy, and whether the particular engagement will preclude other engagements of the lawyer. For clients who are paying us by the hour, we may require a fee deposit that will be based upon the complexity of the case.


Our Rules of Professional Conduct permit us to advance court costs and expenses of litigation, although we may require in appropriate cases that large expenses be paid by the client. In any event, our policy is that the client is ultimately liable for such costs and expenses, whether their case is on a contingent or hourly basis, and regardless of the outcome of the case. Some examples of litigation costs can include expert witnesses, filing fees and court reporters. Any costs will be estimated in advance.

Fee Waivers

Our firm promotes and supports efforts to ensure that low income and other vulnerable, under-represented members of the public have access not only to the courts but also to a full range of affordable legal services.

We may defer, waive, or reduce our hourly fees in cases of financial hardship. If you want us to consider a fee waiver because of financial hardship, we will ask that you provide us with evidence of your current income, your net worth, and your living expenses. If, in our sole discretion, you are unable to pay, we may make arrangements with you to defer, waive, or reduce our hourly fees in order to provide you with affordable representation.