You might have to arbitrate your dispute, even if your chosen arbitrator no longer exists.

Schuiling v. Harris, ___ Va. ___, 2013 Va. LEXIS 99 (Sept. 12, 2013). In Schuiling v. Harris, the Virginia Supreme Court decided whether a provision of an arbitration agreement that names a specific arbitrator is an integral part of the agreement, such that the unavailability of the arbitrator renders the agreement unenforceable. In 2007 William Schuiling hired […]

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Firing an employee for demanding a promised bonus may worsen your cash-flow problem.

Clark v. BayDocs, Inc., No. 3:12CV896 (E.D. Va. March 29, 2013) (Lauck, J.) Plaintiff Alan Clark signed an employment agreement with BayDocs, Inc. in September of 2008. That agreement stated, in pertinent part, that Mr. Clark’s employment was “at will,” that Mr. Clark’s salary would be $225,000 per year plus bonuses, and that Mr. Clark would […]

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