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There are many ways for an employer to underpay employees—not paying them a minimum wage, labeling employees as “exempt” to avoid paying them overtime, or misclassifying employees as independent contractors so that they do not have to pay benefits or social security payments.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other laws establish minimum wage, overtime, and other rights to ensure that employees get paid fairly for the time they work. However, some employers deliberately underpay their employees, hedging their bets that concerns about job security may prevent the employees from speaking up.

As an employee, you may feel powerless in such a situation, but the law is on your side. It is unlawful for employers to terminate or in any way retaliate against workers for asserting minimum wage or overtime claims or taking part in an FLSA investigation. These protections apply regardless of immigration status. Successful plaintiffs in these cases can receive double the amount of their wages lost along with interest and attorneys’ fee.

The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act addresses another employment concern, that of income disparity between male and female co-workers.

Our attorneys have helped many employees get the pay they deserve through individual cases as well as collective actions against employers.

Every claim is governed by a statute of limitations, some of which are very short. You should always act promptly on your claim because once the statute of limitation expires, the claim is gone forever.